5 ways of creating a reading nook

Nothing looks better than books and nooks for book lovers. They ceaselessly look for extra spaces and transform them into beautiful reading nooks. If you are reading this then you can totally relate. So what is stopping you from creating your own reading nook? Whether you are looking to have that small space at the corner of your home or you want to build a monumental architectural space, a reading nook is just a few design tips away.

Give your old rooms and spaces a face lift

Transform your old spaces by either changing the color of the walls or adding a few furniture and accessories that would make you want to be in your reading nook for longer.

Create a nook for two

If you are the type of person that enjoys having company while reading adding a love seat to your nook is a great idea. This will see your enjoy reading with your partner right on your side.

Add a bookshelf

A bookshelf is a very important item in your reading nook since it helps you keep your books in an organized manner. If you have a small room that can not fit a standard sized bookshelf, then a built-in bookshelf would be the right fit.

Add bright colors

If your intention is to make your reading your happy place, then adding a pop of color in a few items will do just that. Bright colors tend to inspire happiness and coziness in any room. So don’t shy away from these colors. For instance you can pair bold colored furniture with neutral accessories for that fun and welcoming look.

Do away with the chair

When designing your reading nook put in mind that you don’t always need a chair. You can use benches and add throw on pillows and throw on blankets to make it feel and look cozy. Also add a small stool or a foot stool which can easily fit even in small spaces.

Make it conducive for naps

Its versatility makes it not only for reading but also for napping or even meditating. To make this more comfortable add a lounge chair, pillows and a blankets for that comfortable feel.

Other tips to consider

  • Create layers
  • Add accessories
  • Use a hammock instead of a seat
  • Incorporate charming colors
  • Add house plants.

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